Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Local Alex?
Local Alex is a FREE Travel App build up of a network of locals who want to help visitors get a good, quick and user-friendly overview. 

There are many travel apps today, but Local Alex stands out by having gathered it all in one place and stands out particularly by having a very user-friendly and fast interface in the consumer's own language!

What skills do I need?
We are looking for people who have the energy and motivation to create a strong customer base in a short period of time. You must be interested to have your own business, manage your own employees, focus on success and be prepared to put in the necessary time to make it happen.

Why do we want to find local travel partners for our business?
Finding local travel partners for the businesses allows us to expand at a much quicker pace than if we had to go to each destination, set up the business and employ and manage staff. Our main objective is to expand quickly so we all can benefit from being part of a global network. We also believe that the local partner knows much more about what happens local and can take action.

How do we select your Local Travel Partners?
We want our Local Travel Partners to succeed and on that basis we will be selective with whom we choose to grant an area licence to. Potential partners do not have to be experts in App development or be experts in the travel industry.

We want disciplined, sales minded, positive Partners who can talk to local people in all walks of life.

Who collects the payments?
You collect the payments of sales and are responsible for charging your customers directly. With the local Alex partner system we have made this process easy and fast so you do not have to spend unnecessary time on the operation. 

What training do I get?
On your commencement date one of our technical support team will train you online, in all aspects of operating the admin system. The admin system is the backend of the App, which allows you to operate your business on a day to day basis. It has been build to be easy to use, without any previous technical knowledge, however basic computing skills will be required.

Do I get my own Area / Destination?
Yes, you get your own area / destination. We look at the area and opportunities for sale in the area. How many possible customers are there, etc. 
Areas can therefore vary from partner to partner. The most important thing is that you can reach your customers and make a good business.

How will Areas be protected?
Each local travel partner is awarded sole rights to an Area as part of their Local Travel Partner Agreement, which protects you so we cannot sell another destination within the area. You are the only one with licence to sell in that area.

Can I sell my Area/Destination at a later stage?
Yes, like any other business this is an investment and one of the benefits of owning a business, is the ability to sell that business and receive the capital appreciation you have built up over time. Before a sale completes we will need to approve the new owner in the same way, that we did with you when granting the initial destination licence.